MaisonDuTemps warranty card

When purchasing a Maison DuTemps watch, a warranty card will be added to your package, as well as a summary of your order. On this warranty card you will find all the information regarding the use of your watch's warranty.

You will also find a card showing you how to use your watch.

montre automatique pour homme

Watchmaking know-how

Watches are objects filled with know-how, micro-parts and concentrated mechanical know-how. Despite extremely careful work to select the most robust and durable materials, they may break down. This is why we have an after-sales service dedicated to watch repairs.

Analysis and diagnosis

When returning a watch to after-sales service, our watchmaker's role is to find the problem and its cause, in order to determine whether it is a mechanical problem or whether the watch has been misused.

Thanks to its diagnosis, we will be able to begin repairs, whether they are covered by the warranty or not.

Final test

Once the repairs have been carried out, our watchmaker carries out overall inspection work on the functioning of the watch, its water resistance and its visual appearance. When returning from after-sales service, we ensure that the watch returns in the best possible condition, with operation in accordance with our quality control card.

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