Mécanisme Seagull

Zoom on the TY2501 mechanism from the SeaGull brand

Mécanisme Seagull TY2501

Zoom on the TY2501 mechanism from the SeaGull brand

A global perspective on the TY2501 movement

The TY2501 movement is a model from the renowned SeaGull brand. Its particularity lies in its operation which is essentially automatic. With a diameter of 30.4 mm and a depth of 7.4 mm, this movement sports a compact design without compromising its efficiency. In fact, it is designed to work through the movements of the user's body, providing energy recharge in a fluid and regular manner.

Adaptability and technical characteristics of the SeaGull TY2501 mechanism

The most intriguing aspect of the TY2501 movement is its ability to adapt to different watch hands. To adapt the hands to the pinion of the caliber, you must use a specific watchmaking tool: the Horotec hands diam 0.50 and 1.00. The dimensions of the adaptation are thus 1.55 mm for the hours, 1.00 mm for the minutes and 0.26 mm for the seconds. In addition, this movement offers the possibility of expanding the winding stem using a specially assembled extension. Above all, it is the search for efficiency and performance that guides the design of the TY2501.

The flywheel and the silver color of the TY2501 movement

Highlighting the time in an analog way, the SeaGull TY2501 watch movement is distinguished by its elegant silver color which gives a modern appearance to the whole. One of the major elements of the TY2501 mechanism is its flywheel, visible at 6 o'clock. A subtle addition that not only enhances the aesthetics of the movement, but also guarantees impressive efficiency in energy transmission. Its silver appearance brings a touch of sophistication and perfectly completes the whole.

In sum, the SeaGull TY2501 watch movement combines innovation, performance and visual appeal in one: a lively and dynamic automatic watch movement that stays true to its brand reputation.

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