Mécanisme Seagull

SeaGull TY2504 Mechanism: Innovation and Watchmaking Precision

Mécanisme Seagull TY2504

SeaGull TY2504 mechanism: A look towards innovation

An overview of the SeaGull TY2504 mechanism

Meet the engine that powers some of the most impressive watches today: the SeaGull TY2504 mechanism. Designed by SeaGull, a respected brand in the watch industry, this automatic movement was designed to go the distance. Small in size but sturdy, it measures 30.4mm in diameter and has a thickness of 7.4mm to seamlessly integrate into various watch designs without compromising reliability.

Needle placement is made easier with a 0.50 and 1.00 mm tool. The axis to mount your hands measures 1.50mm for the hours and 1.00mm for the minutes. As for the second hand, it requires a 0.20 mm long hole. With the SeaGull TY2504 mechanism, every second counts, you won't waste an iota of your precious time.

Innovative features of the TY2504 mechanism

The SeaGull TY2504 mechanism is much more than just a watch movement. It is designed to self-charge using the energy created by the movements of your wrist, eliminating the need for manual winding. It also presents additional features, rarely present on movements of this size. Beyond the standard time display, you will indeed find the date at the 9:30 position.

But where the TY2504 really stands out is the integration of a day indicator located in the same location as the date. In addition, the SeaGull TY2504 movement is equipped with a flywheel located at 6 o'clock, which contributes to the stability and precision of the watch.

Enjoy the flexibility of the SeaGull TY2504 movement

With the TY2504 mechanism, SeaGull emphasizes customization. Indeed, thanks to an adapted winding stem extension, it is possible to adjust the diameter of the winding stem to meet your specific needs. So whether you want to create a bespoke watch for yourself or as a gift, the TY2504 mechanism offers the flexibility that will make your job easier.

When it comes to color, the SeaGull TY2504 mechanism comes in silver, an understated and elegant shade that fits well with various watch designs. Whether your preference is modern, classic or vintage, the TY2504 mechanism will bring a touch of elegance to your wrist.

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