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Explore the SeaGull TY2526 mechanism: Reliability and Design

Mécanisme Seagull TY2526

Explore the SeaGull TY2526 mechanism

Presentation of the TY2526 Mechanism

The TY2526 mechanism is an example of intelligent design from the house of SeaGull. One of the most recognized watch manufacturers, Seagull, has outdone itself with this particular movement. Placing its base on a dimension of 30.4 mm in diameter and a depth of 7.9 mm, this automatic movement is designed to integrate perfectly into various watch configurations. It is a popular choice among watch enthusiasts for its reliability and simplicity.

Distinctive Features of TY2526

One particular feature that stands out about the TY2526 watch movement is its charging method. It's an automatic, which means it draws power from wrist movements to maintain its power reserve. This innovative system saves you the worry of having to regularly wind your watch. In addition, this caliber shows an analog reading of the time with a date cleverly placed at 12 o'clock, thus facilitating reading and accessibility. Another notable aspect of the TY2526 is the uncovered flywheel at 6 o'clock, adding a fascinating aesthetic and technical complexity to your watch.

Adaptability and customization of the TY2526

Assembling the hands simply requires the use of a 0.50 and 1.00 mm needle installation tool, which, combined with an assembled winding stem extension, allows you to change the size of the stem. You thus have the possibility of personalizing the watch according to your preferences and making each assembled watch unique is possible, thanks to the thought given to the construction of this mechanism.

The Silver Color of the TY2526

Another attractive facet of this mechanism comes from its shiny appearance. Crafted in silver, the TY2526 adds a touch of sophistication to any watch. The silver finish provides an elegant look that embraces the ingenuity of this mechanism without compromising its chic appearance.

Overall, the Seagull TY2526 mechanism symbolizes the clever marriage between reliability, traditional design and innovation. It is designed for watchmakers who want to add technical depth and aesthetic beauty to their watch parts. With the TY2526, you get a movement designed for longevity, delivering consistent performance and flawless functionality.

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