Mécanisme Seagull

Understanding the Seagull TY2530 Watch Mechanism

Mécanisme Seagull TY2530

Understanding How the Seagull TY2530 Watch Mechanism Works

The Unique Specifications of the Seagull TY2530

The Seagull TY2530 mechanism is a distinguished product that stands out in the world of watch movements. It is equipped with an automatic system that works elegantly by recharging through the natural movements of your arm. It is not just a mechanism, it is a jewel of technology, with a diameter measuring 30.4mm and a depth of 7.4mm. It is compatible with watch hands with a diameter of 0.2 mm for precise and reliable behavior.

Important Technical Details of the TY2530 Watch Movement

At the heart of the TY2530 watch movement is a strategically placed date display at 3 o'clock which serves to keep you informed of the date at a glance. It goes hand in hand with an analog display, bringing a classic touch that recalls the charm of traditional watches. A power reserve indicator placed at 5 o'clock adds further functionality by informing you of the remaining energy of the movement. So you can predict when the move will need its next natural move to recharge.

Seagull TY2530 Design and Appearance Features

The Seagull TY2530 is a sight to look at in any watch. Its silver color offers a sophisticated appearance that gives each watch a more technical and professional look. In addition, the winding stem of this movement, which can be adjusted using an extension, is another technical detail that demonstrates the attention paid to the design of this mechanism. In summary, the Seagull TY2530 is a combination of cutting-edge features and aesthetic design, offering the promise of unrivaled performance in terms of precision and reliability.

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