Choosing your MaisonDuTemps watch

Choisir sa montre MaisonDuTemps

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Trendy men's watch or women's watch?

Different features: size, watch mechanism, watch face, strap

Important choice when choosing your watch

Trendy men's watch or women's watch?

MaisonDuTemps is always in fashion

It is important to note that watch fashion evolves quickly, as does clothing fashion. However, creation and production times are often longer. At Maison DuTemps , our goal is to always offer watches at the cutting edge of fashion, whether for men or women. We constantly strive to meet our customers' expectations.

Whether the trend is automatic watches for men or turquoise dials, we quickly position ourselves in accordance with the aesthetic codes of Maison DuTemps to meet consumer demand.

It is important to emphasize that in Maison DuTemps , we are committed to offering our customers fashionable watches, responding to watch market trends, while offering the best value for money. This is reflected in the materials used and the mechanisms that drive them.

However, it should be noted that the majority of the catalog of Maison DuTemps is focused on a range of watches for men due to male demand. We are working in parallel on the development of our women's range.

MTGamma black watch 42mm Miyota Quartz

Different features: size, watch mechanism, watch face, strap

The characteristics of your watch

Choosing a watch can sometimes be complex, with all the references of mechanisms such as Miyota, Sea Gull, as well as automatic or quartz movement types, and different water resistance levels, such as 50 or 100 meters. It is understandable that the consumer can get lost.

It is important to note that watches improve over time and each offers more interesting features than the last. But are they all essential?

To conclude, don't get held up in your purchase by a technical detail. For example, if you like an MTGamma watch with a turquoise dial and a steel bracelet, but it only has a water resistance of 50 meters because its crown is not screwed down, our advice would be not to deprive yourself of a watch you like simply because you wanted 100 meters of water resistance. The real question is: are you actually going to go 100 meters underwater with your watch? If so, opt for a watch waterproof to 100 meters, otherwise, treat yourself!

As long as you have a general idea of ​​what you need in your watch, the technical details shouldn't be a hindrance. Watchmaking has become an industry of pleasure and emotion, so follow your emotions.

Men's turquoise dial watch with steel bracelet

Important choice when choosing your watch

Choose your watch wisely

Let's go back for a moment to the major elements you should consider when purchasing your watch.

First, you need to do a general analysis of the style of the watch. Do the lines of the watch suit your style, and could it fit your look?

Next, ask yourself whether you are buying a watch because you really fell in love with it, or because you are looking for a very particular type of watch? If it's a crush, go for it. If it is a purchase based on specific criteria, then you will need to find out more about the watch and the technical details it offers. We also highly recommend visiting all the brands. If at Maison DuTemps we offer you a watch that does not suit you 100%, we recommend that you look at our competition so that you can have elements of comparison.

From our experience in the watch market, we can tell you that it is almost impossible to find a watch that will suit you perfectly. This is certainly why enthusiasts are constantly buying watches, looking for those that meet all their selection criteria.

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