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Discover the first square watch from MaisonDuTemps.

Montre carré automatique pour homme

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- The first square watch from MaisonDuTemps.

- The history of square watches.

- Discover the watchmaking details of this square watch.

- Watch straps that adapt easily.

The first square watch from MaisonDuTemps.

Find out more about our MTIota Automatic

The MTIota orange bracelet model Maison DuTemps is the first watch in the collection to see the light of day. This new collection was launched in January 2024 with the aim of offering innovation in the existing range. Just like the other models of the House, it also had the ambition to establish itself on the French and international watch market. At the time of its launch, according to Maison DuTemps , there was not really an accessible offer of square automatic watches for men. To obtain a square watch, you had to spend a few thousand euros to acquire a watch from Belle&Ross or a Santos from Cartier. On the other hand, the square models available were generally quartz watches or did not fully meet the criteria proposed by our MTIota .

Maison DuTemps is a watchmaking house that favors the creation of new conceptual models with innovative shapes and remarkable designs. Developing our first square automatic watch for men was a real pleasure. We first worked on the general design of the watch. Next, we tweaked the proportions. Once the design and proportions were established, we were able to adapt our specifications according to the possibilities available to us.

The history of square watches.

A watchmaking story.

The history of square watches dates back centuries, with origins dating back to when watchmaking became a real industry. Square watches have evolved over time from a luxury accessory worn by the elite to a symbol of style and sophistication accessible to a wider audience.

At first, square watches were often associated with pocket watches, but over the years they were adapted to become wristwatches, adapting to changing fashion trends. Iconic brands such as Cartier helped popularize square watches with iconic models like the “Santos”.

Today, square watches continue to be prized for their elegant aesthetic and their ability to stand out in a market dominated by more traditional shapes. They embody the balance between tradition and modernity, offering watch lovers a bold and distinctive alternative.

Men's automatic square watch

Discover the watchmaking details of this square watch

Mechanical Advances and Innovations

At Maison DuTemps , we strive to offer the best in all our creations, whether for men's or women's watches. Offering watches that offer the best value for money does not in any way mean sacrificing quality. We attach great importance to the development of strict and complete specifications.

With this in mind, we rigorously select the materials used. For the design of our cases, we systematically opt for 316L steel, known for its exceptional shine and robustness. Our Iota cases have a diameter of 37x38mm.

Furthermore, we have chosen, as on the vast majority of our models, to equip the MTIota with an open back allowing you to observe the mechanism beating. The glasses used, both on the front and on the back of the watch, are sapphire. Sapphire stands out for its resistance to scratches (with the exception of diamonds).

Regarding another important aspect for many of you, water resistance: although the MTIota is not a diving watch, it benefits from a water resistance of 5 ATM, the equivalent of 50 meters.

Finally, the heart of your watch, its mechanism, deserves your full attention. On the MTIota , we chose to trust an 8215 movement from the Japanese manufacturer Miyota , a true pillar of watchmaking. Recognized for its reliability, this movement equips hundreds of different models across numerous watchmaking companies.

Watch straps that adapt easily.

Removable watch straps as desired.

Over the course of the collections, feedback from our customers and the improvements we have proposed to you, we have clearly observed that you attach great importance to the ease of changing bracelets. Although we offer tool kits to adjust the size of your bracelets and replace them, we noticed that when our MTDelta model with so-called "ergo" pumps was released, you loved the ease with which you could replace your bracelets in a snap. This is why we have renewed this experience with the MTIota , offering removable bracelets without the need to use tools.

When it was launched, the MTIota was offered with an orange strap to meet many of your requests, but also to bring color to our range of watches. Modern watchmaking needs to be energized by bright, joyful colors. However, if you are not a fan of orange straps, we offer other options such as a steel strap, a black strap or even a green strap. You can personalize your watch according to your preferences with the bracelets that we provide.

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