The Diving Watch by MaisonDuTemps

Montre de plongé 42mm Automatique

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Our diving watch

A sports watch

A trendy men's watch

Our diving watch

Unidirectional bezel

At Maison DuTemps , our know-how is manifested through a range of watches adapted to everyday life, in particular city watches, which harmonize with all outfits, whether it is a suit for work, a classic outfit for the weekend or even sports equipment. The majority of our collection is characterized by a sober, discreet and refined style, generally embellished with a technical or aesthetic detail which gives each watch a touch of uniqueness.

However, Maison DuTemps aspires to expand and broaden its range of products. Therefore, following numerous requests, we decided to introduce our diving watch. However, this is not just an ordinary dive watch, but rather a reinterpretation by Maison DuTemps . Our men's diving watch has a distinctive element that gives it a special charm: the bezel. The bezel of our MTSigma model is unidirectional, featuring a red color and white inscriptions.

As a diver's watch, it meets all the requirements that one would expect from such an instrument. Its black dial has luminescent indexes, ensuring optimal readability even in the deep sea. A date window at 3 o'clock, as well as a red second hand, provide increased precision when reading the time. Finally, the distinctive feature of this diver's watch lies in its transparent caseback, allowing a detailed view of the Miyota automatic movement that powers the watch.

Miyota automatic men's dive watch

A sports watch

A watch for diving

Indeed, the MTSigma is specially designed for diving, equipped with all the necessary features to accompany you during your underwater explorations. With water resistance up to 100 meters, it is ready to face all types of water, whether at sea or in a swimming pool.

However, even if you are not an experienced diver and just want to wear this dive watch every day to be on time for your appointments, it is entirely possible. Despite its sporty orientation, the watch maintains a versatile design with a diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of only 15 mm. Like all our watches at Maison DuTemps , you have the possibility to personalize its strap by opting for rubber or even a NATO strap.

The MTSigma was the first professional watch in our range, paving the way for the MTGamma chronograph . In the future, following market demands and trends, our range of professional watches will continue to expand to meet the varied needs of our customers.

Men's dive watch with unidirectional bezel

A trendy men's watch

Joining the useful to the trend

Diving watches have always occupied a special place in the watchmaking market and have even contributed to the reputation of certain brands, such as the Rolex Submariner which has become the emblem of the Swiss brand.

It is undeniable that diving watches, beyond their primary utility, offer designs that go off the beaten track, with generally imposing dimensions and offering the possibility of innovation both technically and aesthetically. (For example, at Maison DuTemps with our MTSigma and its red rotating bezel).

Another advantage of diving watches, compared to classic watches, lies in their thickness and robustness. Their massive case offers additional protection to the mechanism, thus absorbing shocks that could damage the watch.

However, this style of watch, although emblematic and aesthetically attractive, does not always suit the thinnest wrists... But rest assured, the MTSigma has a diameter of 42 mm which will allow it to adapt perfectly to the most of our customers' wrists.

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