TempusShop, the new digital distributor of MaisonDuTemps

TempusShop, le nouveau distributeur digital de MaisonDuTemps

Watchmaking specialists based in the south of France, Tempus is the new partner of MaisonDuTemps for an exceptional customer experience and a wide selection of watches.

Since the beginning of April 2023, MaisonDuTemps is pleased to present its new digital distributor: Tempus . This brand from the south of France specializes in watches and is very present on social networks, especially Twitter (@TempusShop)

Tempus offers many watches in its catalog, with different styles, such as classic leather strap watches, sporty straps , elegant watches , as well as modern watches and automatic watches like MaisonDuTemps . With such a wide selection, there is something for everyone and every occasion.

What makes Tempus special is their innovative way of showcasing their new brands and collections. Indeed, they use Instagram lives to allow Matthieu , the creator, to present the brand, the products and to exchange with his subscribers present on the live.

At MaisonDuTemps , we are very happy to work with Tempus because they share the same values ​​as us. We choose our products with care and we are committed to providing quality customer service , including delivery within 48 hours and availability for our customers.

All MaisonDuTemps watches are available on Tempus. In addition, we plan to produce limited edition collections in close collaboration with Tempus , available on our two sites. This collaboration promises to be the beginning of a long and beautiful watchmaking history.

In short, Tempus is the ideal partner for MaisonDuTemps for an exceptional customer experience and a wide selection of watches . We are delighted to work with them and we look forward to introducing you to their world of watchmaking.


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