Concept MaisonDuTemps

Our definition of MaisonDuTemps

Maison DuTemps is not limited to being a simple watch brand, it embodies a profound vision and ideas. First and foremost, our goal is to offer watches that offer justified value for money. The watches that we design at Maison DuTemps are models in perfect harmony with the latest trends and market expectations. Ultimately, our main idea is to educate watch enthusiasts about horology by offering them timepieces that meet the standards of luxury watchmaking, while remaining accessible in terms of price.

Who are we ?

The Maison DuTemps team is made up of passionate professionals, led by Hugo, the founder of the company. She has surrounded herself with the best talents to constantly improve the customer experience. In addition, it is actively dedicated to the creation of new designs and innovation of watch products, with the constant aim of offering its customers the best in watchmaking.

Through MDT, the project aims to create the largest possible watchmaking ecosystem, by offering the opportunity to a large number of watchmaking enthusiasts to learn about and explore this universe without having to worry about their budget.

Hugo Delaleu Founder of MaisonDuTemps

The future

Maison DuTemps envisions the future through the development of new collections, innovative products, as well as new human experiences centered around watchmaking.


The development of MDT will involve the creation of new designs, the introduction of new collections including complications, as well as the expansion of the product offering.


The last pillar of great importance to MDT is its community. This is why our team is committed to developing and maintaining a direct relationship with its customers.