Mécanisme Seagull

Discovery and features of the SeaGull TY2130 watch mechanism

Mécanisme SeaGull TY2130

Discovery of the SeaGull TY2130 watch mechanism

General presentation of the SeaGull TY2130 movement

The TY2130 movement is a remarkable achievement from the SeaGull brand, renowned for its watchmaking achievements of notorious reliability. This centerpiece of your automatic watches draws its charm from its meticulous design. With a diameter of 26mm and a depth of 4.8mm, this mechanism is perfectly suited to contemporary watch designs. It once again proves SeaGull’s expertise in watchmaking.

Special features and functionalities of the SeaGull TY2130

The SeaGull TY2130 watch mechanism is distinguished by its automatic recharging, which operates thanks to the natural movements of your body. It thus guarantees remarkable autonomy and ease of use, which are highly appreciated. In addition, this mechanism includes a Horotec tool for 0.8 mm needles, offering flawless precision. The hands are fixed at the height of the pinion, respectively at 1.50mm for the hours and 0.90mm for the minutes. The diameter of the hole for the second hand is 0.25mm.

Visual and aesthetic elements of the SeaGull TY2130 movement

In addition to its automatic operation, the TY2130 has a date at the 3 o'clock position offering black numbers on a white background for optimal reading. It thus fulfills a dual function: timetable and calendar, for maximum utility. Its silver color adds a note of elegance and originality to the whole. This watch movement is modeled on the principle of the ETA 2836.2 movement, a reference in the watchmaking field. Finally, the movement stem can be expanded with an installed winding stem extension, ensuring customization and adaptability to your wrist. The SeaGull TY2130 watch mechanism thus effectively combines functionality, reliability and aesthetics.

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