Mécanisme Seagull

Seagull TY2502 Mechanism: Heart and Precision of your Watch

Mécanisme Seagull TY2502

Seagull TY2502 mechanism: The heart of your watch

General presentation of the Seagull TY2502 movement

The TY2502 mechanism manufactured by the renowned Seagull brand is one of the key pieces that every watch must have. An automatic watch movement, this model boasts remarkable precision and durability. With its 30.4mm diameter and a thickness of 7.4mm, the TY2502 is a compact but efficient movement. It fits perfectly into the watchmaking work, while allowing the smooth operation of the hands.

Needle installation and winding function

Fixing the hands on the Seagull TY2502 mechanism requires pinpoint precision. The Horotec 0.8mm needle tool should be used to facilitate installation. The hour, minute and second hands have a hole of 1.55mm, 1.00mm and 0.26mm in diameter respectively. The TY2502 movement is distinguished by its automatic operation. It recharges through the natural movements of your forearm, ensuring smooth use.

Additional Features and Color

In addition to measuring the time, this mechanism also guarantees the display of the date and day of the week at the 3 o'clock position. Unique in its kind, the Seagull TY2502 features a flywheel located at 6 o'clock, adding an aesthetic and functional touch. For a more practical adaptation, the stem of the movement can be extended using an extension of the adjusted winding stem. Last detail, but not least, the TY2502 mechanism sports a beautiful silver color. This adds a note of elegance and a discreet shine that beautifully complements the design of any watch.

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