Mécanisme Seagull

SeaGull TY2505 Automatic Clock Mechanism

Mouvement Seagull TY2505

SeaGull TY2505 Automatic Clock Mechanism

An Exploration of the TY2505

When it comes to watch mechanisms, SeaGull's TY2505 is serenely unique. This automatic watch movement promises a functional and reliable assembly, its diameter of 30.4 mm and its thickness of 7.4 mm offer an optimized design for efficient use. A tantalizing feature of the mechanism is its ability to recharge through wrist movements. Continuously, the hour hand requires a 1.50 mm hole, while the minute hand requires a 1.00 mm hole, they can be adapted to the same axis with the use of a horotec tool for 0 hands .8mm.

The Specificities of the TY2505 SeaGull Mechanism

The SeaGull TY2505 watch caliber attracts attention with its well-thought-out features. Let's first point out its flywheel, placed at the 6 o'clock position, which gives it a particular personality. Furthermore, the location of the date is not left out: you will find it at the 9:30 position, opposite to usual usage. Another notable feature of this caliber is the power reserve, installed at the 2:30 position to allow a direct reading of your clock's reserve. For those looking to increase the diameter of the watch's winding stem, a winding stem extender pairs perfectly with this type of caliber.

The TY2505 SeaGull Mechanism: Personalization and Aesthetics

When it comes to aesthetics, the SeaGull TY2505 mechanism leaves no detail to chance. With a silver color, it introduces a subtle elegance to every watch it inhabits. Additionally, the diameter of the hole for the seconds hand, precisely 0.21 mm, ensures proper assembly for impeccable precision. It's the ideal choice for those looking for consistent performance and a timeless look. Combining character with solid functionality, the TY2505 is a reliable companion for your watch customization.

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