Mécanisme Seagull

SeaGull Clock Mechanism TY6D1K (6112) - ST6DL (ST6) Presentation

Mouvement Seagull TY6D1K 6112 ST6DL ST6

Presentation of the SeaGull TY6D1K (6112) - ST6DL (ST6) clock mechanism

Technical description of the TY6D1K (6112) - ST6DL (ST6) mechanism

The SeaGull TY6D1K (6112) - ST6DL (ST6) clock mechanism is a central part of many timepieces. With a diameter of 19.8 mm and a depth of 6.15 mm, this automatic movement is distinguished by its compactness and robustness. It is equipped with specific holes for adjusting the hands: the hour hand requires a 1.35 mm hole and the minute hand requires a 0.85 mm gauge. For adjustment, a Horotec needle tool specific for watches with diameters 0.50 and 1.00 is necessary. As for the seconds hand, its hole has a width of 0.22 mm.

The particularities of the SeaGull TY6D1K (6112) - ST6DL (ST6) mechanism

What makes the SeaGull TY6D1K (6112) - ST6DL (ST6) mechanism unique, in addition to its compact size, is its automatic recharging system. In fact, this mechanism draws its energy from the movements of your forearm, which allows optimal autonomy. Another characteristic, the presence of a dater at 3 o'clock. This is designed to offer optimal reading with its black numbers on a white background. The movement includes 17 jewels, adding to its robustness and durability.

Color and additional features of the SeaGull mechanism TY6D1K (6112) - ST6DL (ST6)

In elegant silver, the SeaGull TY6D1K (6112) - ST6DL (ST6) clock mechanism fits harmoniously into different types of watches. Additionally, with the addition of a compatible winding stem extension, the user has the ability to adjust the diameter of the stem, making this movement even more versatile. Additionally, this mechanism is renowned for its reliability and longevity, making it a preferred choice for anyone looking for a reliable solution for their watch.

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