MaisonDuTemps and Pil Vite: a partnership for a complete watchmaking experience

MaisonDuTemps et Pil Vite : un partenariat pour une expérience horlogère complète

Pil Vite, an institution in the watchmaking quick service, becomes a partner of MaisonDuTemps by offering our watches in their kiosks and by hosting 3 points of sale in their stores in Ile de France

MaisonDuTemps is pleased to announce its partnership with Pil Vite , an institution in the world of watchmaking, particularly in the field of quick service, which offers rapid and partial repairs. But Pil Vite does not just repair watches, they also offer through their repair kiosks showcases to present watches.

At Pil Vite , you will find a selection of watches for men and women , automatic or quartz , from different brands to meet all styles and desires. And now, with our partnership, you can find the entire MaisonDuTemps collection in their stores.

We are happy to announce that MaisonDuTemps now has three points of sale across three Pil Vite stores in Île de France: Ermont (95) , Plaisir (78) and Brétigny-sur-Orge (93) . Come and try our watches now in the heart of the Pil Vite stores and also take the opportunity to have your watches repaired at their home.

This partnership between MaisonDuTemps and Pil Vite will allow you to benefit from a complete watchmaking experience. You will be able to discover a selection of quality watches while benefiting from the expertise of Pil Vite in the field of repair.

In short, thanks to our partnership with Pil Vite , you can now find our entire MaisonDuTemps collection in their stores in Île de France. We are delighted to work with them and look forward to bringing our watches to you in the heart of their stores.

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