The women's watch of the moment: The MTGamma Femme

Montre femme or et acier 34mm or rose or / jaune

Summary :

The perfect style women's watch

A perfect set

A precise mechanism

The perfect style women's watch

The color of the moment

At Maison DuTemps , we started by offering men's watches, model after model, then we accelerated our development to present new collections at a sustained pace. Until the day we received requests from female customers regarding the creation of collections for women. Indeed, the vast majority of our collections had quite large diameters, such as 40, 41 and even up to 42 mm in diameter.

This is why we first sought to create a very simple women's collection, with rounded shapes and a classic Milanese mesh bracelet, manually adjustable, all with very common proportions for women's watches, notably a diameter 34mm. The details of the watches were in their dials, which were either pink lacquered or mother-of-pearl dials. This collection was the MTMu collection. However, it failed to seduce our community... Why? Because it did not reflect the identity of Maison DuTemps . The watch did not stand out, it failed to inspire customers because it was too ordinary.

Following this observation, we sought to understand how to reach the female community with our style of watches. And ultimately, the answer was relatively simple: all we had to do was take one of our iconic watch models for men, notably the MTGamma collection, and adapt it for a female clientele by creating the MTGamma Femme .

We then changed its appearance first, by creating a watch in steel and rose gold as well as a second model in steel and yellow gold. We kept a diameter of 34 mm as for the previous collection, and we opted for readable white dials. The whole thing was able to produce its effect and attract a large number of our customers.

Women's gold and steel watch 34mm rose gold/yellow

A perfect set

Diameter and materials of choice

Why do we think this watch is successful? Because it is quite simply the watch that meets all the expectations of the women's watch market. Indeed, the observation is rather simple, go to a watch store and look at the window of women's watches, you will find the vast majority of gold watches (pink or yellow), with reduced sizes and for many of them them, decorated with diamonds.

After several months of sales, after collecting numerous customer opinions, the results are there, the customers are satisfied!

The charm of this watch is felt through its style in gold and steel , its strict curves and its minimalist design while having a small diameter. This combination, for us, forms a perfect whole.

A precise mechanism

Miyota Quartz mechanism

Who said a women's watch can't be accurate? At the house of Maison DuTemps , the mechanism remains our priority. The MTGamma Femme collection is equipped with a Miyota Quartz mechanism. As with all new collections of Maison DuTemps , the mechanisms are Japanese, from the Miyota factory.

We have chosen not to equip the MTGamma Femme collection with an automatic mechanism for two reasons. The first reason that really convinced us to equip the watch with a quartz mechanism was a question of proportions. When you have a watch with a diameter of 34mm for a female wrist, the watch should be small, thin and light. If we had opted for an automatic mechanism, the thickness of the watch would have been at least twice as great, as would its weight. So, the first reason was a question of watch design and respecting proportions.

Then, the second reason, which didn't have much weight in the balance for us, but which matters a lot for our customers, is the price. We know that among watch enthusiasts, we have women who are as passionate about watchmaking as men and who have requirements regarding watch mechanisms, materials, etc. However, for the vast majority of our customers, watches are seen as stylish accessories to complete their outfit and have a functional watch, regardless of the technology behind the mechanism.

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