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Montres chronographe

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Our chronograph watches

A legendary watch complication

The most beautiful watch for men

Our chronograph watches

A selection in development

Maison DuTemps , as a young, rapidly developing brand, offers a wide and constantly expanding range of watches. We first made our mark by introducing men's skeleton watches to the market. We then expanded our range by offering watches with colored dials, open-heart watches, but we were still missing a must-have in our collection: a chronograph watch for men. That's why, in January 2024, we launched our first watch with the chronograph complication for men.

Building on the basis of the MTGamma collection, one of our collections which left its mark thanks to its design, its proportions and its price, we have enriched the MTGamma range with a chronograph complication. The first MTGamma Chronograph from Maison DuTemps was released with a relatively classic design: a white dial with three black counters, a black case, and as a nod to the Gamma collection, a red second hand was added.

When pre-ordering, the Maison DuTemps team quickly identified the potential of this model, as evidenced by the significant number of pre-orders received. This is why we had to launch a second production even though the first had not yet been delivered!

But it does not stop there. We have also noted a keen interest from you for new colors and variations of dials. This is why we have introduced two more variations of the MTGamma Chronograph .

The first variation, the MTGamma Chronograph Bleu , features a navy blue dial with gray counters. The second variation, more contemporary and trendy, is the MTGamma Chronograph Rose , with a pale pink dial and white counters.

Our range of men's chronograph watches will continue to evolve based on customer demands and market trends.

Men's chronograph watch white dial

A legendary watch complication

A Complication with a Story

The chronograph watch is not a new thing, it is an emblematic historical timepiece that has always left its mark on watchmaking since the 19th century.

Chronographs and stopwatches have a close link with the world of motor racing. Initially, the Heuer watchmaking company became known for having sponsored car races with their stopwatches, which subsequently enabled them to maintain very strong links with motor racing watchmaking. Subsequently, the Rolex Daytona continued to maintain this link between watchmaking and automobile racing when Rolex became the official timekeeper of the Daytona race in the 1960s.

In summary, all this to say that chronograph watches have a history that has made us all dream and which has also brought us closer to another area that watch enthusiasts love: automobiles.

This is why, at Maison DuTemps , we wanted to enrich our collection of chronograph watches to allow our customers, who are passionate about watches and/or automobiles, to treat themselves by wearing a trendy watch that recalls the history of watchmaking and automobiles, all at a very affordable price for a chronograph watch.

Given the demand, it is not impossible that our MTGamma Chronograph will one day take its place on the automobile circuits. Let's write his story together.


men's chronograph watch blue dial

The most beautiful watch for men

A sporty chic look


Beyond its history, its complications and the links that this complication can have, this watch has a major advantage: it can adapt to a large number of styles.

Whether you want to dress elegantly with a suit, or opt for a more casual outfit on the weekend with jeans and a little sweater, this watch also goes well with sporty chic looks. In addition, for the more sporty among you, the MTGamma Chrono has its place on your wrist when you are in sportswear. Above all, the MTGamma Chrono is equipped with a strap with 14 mm lugs, which allows it to accommodate our silicone straps, thus giving a resolutely sporty style to your watch.

This watch will never cease to surprise you. Live the Maison DuTemps experience now.

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