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How to set your watch

The mechanical watch with automatic winding has the advantage of recharging itself with energy thanks to the movements of the wrist which allows the oscillating mass, and a set of mechanisms, to arm the mainspring. The latter stores the energy that will allow the operation of the watch mechanism. When the watch is worn every day, it is therefore not necessary to wind it. However, if it is not worn every day and the power reserve is exhausted, it will have to be wound by hand. Shaking it vigorously is not necessary and is not advised!

As for a hand-wound watch , the winding crown must be in its first position, i.e. its normal position. It will then suffice to turn it clockwise around thirty times until the seconds hand begins to move. Winding the watch indeed maintains the compression of the mainspring at a maximum level of energy reserve.

Finally, you just have to set the time and other complications.

In most cases, to change the time, the crown must be pulled out as far as it will go. Simply turn the crown to advance the hands to the desired time.