Pre-orders by MaisonDuTemps

The principle of a pre-order

A pre-order offered by Maison DuTemps means that the watch we are putting on sale is not yet in stock; it is currently in the production phase. This sales model allows us, firstly, to offer you the exclusivity of obtaining a watch among the first as soon as they arrive. In addition, it is an economic model that allows us to self-finance our products and evaluate the potential demand for them. Depending on demand during pre-orders, we adjust production quantities. Thanks to this, we can release models quickly and offer you a maximum choice of products.

Setting up pre-order

1 - Creation of the design and plans of the watch.

2- Launch of watch production. Duration: 45 to 60 days.

3- Launch of the pre-order phase on our website.


Interesting commercial offer

When setting up the pre-order system, MaisonDuTemps decided to offer a 15% commercial discount as well as a gift such as a bracelet, bag or key ring as compensation for the time waiting. This system is designed to be mutually beneficial for the customer and MaisonDuTemps.


By pre-ordering a MaisonDuTemps watch during its launch phase, you offer yourself the luxury of receiving your watch exclusively before all future customers who would like to purchase it when it arrives in stock.

We aspire to offer our customers who have placed their trust in us an increased feeling of exclusivity.

Essential support

The strength of MaisonDuTemps lies in the unconditional support of our customers.

It is thanks to their commitment that we are able to offer our pre-order offer and launch so many collections in such a short period of time.

We are fully aware that it is thanks to their loyalty that we can build a watchmaking company as exceptional as ours.


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