Mécanisme Seagull

SeaGull TY2100-2 Watch Mechanism: Precision and Aesthetics

Mécanisme Seagull TY2100-2

SeaGull TY2100-2 Watch Movement: A Precision-Designed Mechanism

Technical Description of the TY2100-2 Mechanism

Navigating technical finesse, the SeaGull TY2100-2 watch movement is a watchmaking model specifically dedicated to automatic watches. This mechanism, with its specified dimensions, has a diameter of 26 mm and a depth of 5.3 mm, which easily adapts to watches with varied designs. The TY2100-2 operates on an automatic system which recharges thanks to the natural movements of your wrist, thus offering optimal performance and appreciable longevity.

TY2100-2 Setting Parameters

Every detail counts when it comes to setting up a watch mechanism. For the SeaGull TY2100-2 movement, each time index has a specific axis height. More precisely, with the help of a Horotec tool for 0.8 mm hands, the hour axis can be adjusted to a height of 1.50 mm, and the minute axis to 0.90 mm. In addition, the hole for the seconds hand has a width of 0.25 mm, ensuring careful adjustment. Additionally, the movement stem is adjustable via an accommodated winding stem extension, providing increased flexibility and precision when adjusting the mechanism.

Aesthetic Details of the SeaGull TY2100-2 Mechanism

The SeaGull TY2100-2 watch movement is more than a functional mechanism, it is also an aesthetically pleasing element. Its silver color gives a refined appearance and a feeling of purity. Adding to this sophisticated look, this movement shows the day and date in an analog format. Located at the 3 o'clock position, the date display features black numbers on a white background, providing easy and quick reading of the information. Similarly, the day of the week is shown in English and Chinese in the same position in contrasting black on white colors. This style of movement based on the ETA 2836.2 offers efficient functionality while revealing the elegance of its design.

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