Mécanisme Seagull

Dissection and technical details of the Seagull TY2100 mechanism

Dissection et détails techniques du mécanisme Seagull TY2100

Dissection of the Seagull TY2100 mechanism

The technical characteristics of the Seagull TY2100 movement

In the watchmaking world, the TY2100 mechanism from Seagull presents interesting technical features. This is an automatic watch movement with reference TY2100. The latter has a diameter of 26mm and has a thickness of 5.3mm. It is these dimensions that allow for smooth integration of the mechanism into the watch case.

As for the installation of the needles, it is necessary to use the Horotec tool to ensure precision down to the last detail. For example, to join the hands at the height of the pinion, we require 1.50mm for the hour hand and 0.90mm for the minute hand. The diameter of the hole which accommodates the second hand is 0.25mm. This attention to detail contributes to the reliability of the TY2100 movement.

The performance and aesthetics of the TY2100 movement

Note that the TY2100 watch caliber works by automatic recharging. This mechanism captures even the tiniest bodily movements to keep the watch in working order. Practical and efficient, this system guarantees significant autonomy for the watch in which the mechanism is housed.

In its design, the TY2100 also has notable aesthetic features. For time information, this movement displays the date at the 3 o'clock position. The numbers are in black on a white background for better readability. Furthermore, the mechanism also includes the days, in English and Chinese, at the same 3 o'clock position. Its time markers, black on a white background, provide optimal readability. [h2]

Influences and compatibility of the TY2100 mechanism

Seagull's TY2100 movement is inspired by the famous ETA 2836.2 movement. It covers the structure and main functionalities. This influence allows the TY2100 to benefit from a proven design while offering an interesting alternative on the watch market.

Another significant advantage of the TY2100 is that its stem can be easily increased using a compatible winding stem extension. This leaves the possibility of further customizing the insertion of the movement into the watch case, according to the user's preferences.

In short, adorned with a golden color, the TY2100 mechanism from Seagull presents interesting technical, aesthetic and structural characteristics. It is positioned as an automatic movement worthy of interest on the watch market.

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