Mécanisme Seagull

The TY2130-2 Mechanism by SeaGull: Precision and Reliability

Mouvement Seagull TY2130-2

The TY2130-2 Mechanism: Reliable Precision by SeaGull

General Description of the TY2130-2 Mechanism by SeaGull

The SeaGull TY2130-2 is an automatic watch movement that offers a perfect solution for those looking to combine precision and reliability. Measuring 26mm in diameter, it demonstrates a modest size, perfectly compatible with a wide variety of watch models.

Its depth is 4.8mm, which results in a design that leaves nothing to chance. Furthermore, the hole of the hour hand is 1.50 mm, while the hole of the minute hand has a dimension of 0.90 mm. Thus, these two elements are perfectly adjusted at the pinion level, using a watch hand tool with a diameter of 0.20 mm. For the second hand, the diameter of the hole is 0.25 mm, a hint of precision that makes all the difference.

The TY2130 Caliber: An Automatic System From SeaGull

The TY2130-2 from SeaGull is a watch caliber that uses an automatic recharging system. Thanks to it, the movement takes advantage of the natural movements of your wrist to recharge, without any manual intervention being necessary. A real asset for those who love comfort and practicality.

This caliber also has the date at 3 o'clock, with black numerals on a white background, a layout which facilitates readability while bringing a touch of discreet elegance to the whole. It is inspired by the ETA 2836.2 movement, a renowned model in the world of watchmaking.

Need an adjustment? No problem. The stem of the movement can be widened with an adjusted winding stem extension. This provides additional flexibility when assembling or replacing the movement.

The Golden Color: A Distinctive Signature of the TY2130-2 Movement

Finally, the golden color of the TY2130-2 movement gives it a certain distinction. The gilding, in addition to its aesthetic appearance, brings warmth and a touch of luxury to this mechanical piece. The golden color of the TY2130-2 will appeal to watch enthusiasts looking for a movement that brings a certain character to their timepiece.

The TY2130-2 SeaGull movement therefore constitutes a solution of choice for all those who wish to give their amateur watch a mechanism that is both robust, precise and reliable. Add to that a golden design, and you get a movement that shines with its efficiency and aesthetics.

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