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Montre coeur ouvert pour homme mécanisme Miyota

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The fashionable watch complication
An automatic movement for men and women
The ideal watch complication?

The fashionable watch complication.

A trendy watch

So-called open heart watches have emerged recently. It is a complication or rather an aesthetic element of the watch that has really taken its place on the watch market since the 2000s. Although it has existed for decades, fashion has started to charm the general public through brands iconic. Initially, French brands such as “Lip” or Pierre Lanier brought this design up to date, but we can also see this appearance of watches on the other side of the world with the Japanese Maison Orient.

Since the launch of Maison DuTemps, we have had two obsessions: launching a skeleton watch but also an open heart watch, with our sense of design. Indeed, the majority of open heart watches that we can find on the market are generally so-called dress watches, with leather straps, small diameters or even very classic designs. At the house of Maison DuTemps , we wanted to release a watch with a fashionable complication, with a modern design. This is why, when launching our first open heart watch for men, the MTDelta Open Heart Green Dial , we wanted to infuse it with our style: strong lines, an octagonal bezel, a green dial offering a variation of shades in lighting function. Obviously, we were right about the place of this model in our range because it has enjoyed dazzling success since its release.

To offer our customers the opportunity to obtain it, we offered it in a classic color: black, which gave life to the MTDelta Open Heart Black Dial .

Miyota automatic men's open heart watch

An automatic movement for men and women.

The heart of the watch


Let us remember, an open-heart watch has the principle of revealing the heart of the watch, in this case, the balance wheel which is the major part of the escapement of the watch mechanism. The balance wheel is the part of the mechanism which allows it to adjust the advance or delay of the watch, it also regulates a hyper-precise adjustment angle called neutral point, however all this remains very technical and without watchmaking training and/or in practice, it is difficult to understand how it works.
So let's talk for all watch lovers, the pendulum of the mechanism rotating means that the watch is working and the more the pendulum oscillates, the better it is for the setting of your watch.

Any mechanism offering a beautiful aesthetic finish could equip an open heart watch. At the house of Maison DuTemps , we have chosen to equip our MTDelta Cœur Ouvert with a Miyota mechanism. We chose the Miyota 82S5 mechanism for several reasons.

Firstly, although we wanted a watch adapted to our design, we wanted to respect one of the codes of open heart watches, which is to keep a small diameter. Our MTDelta Open Heart has a diameter of 40mm . Who says small diameter, says mechanism which must be proportionate to the size of the case.

Secondly, after having made a selection of small diameter mechanisms, we looked for mechanisms that offered beautiful finishes. We particularly liked the Miyota 82S5 mechanism because it has very elegant finishes on its bridges on the back of the watch (on the watch's automatic system) as well as on the part under the dial.

Finally, after having finished with our selections of size and finish criteria, we checked the tolerances as well as the technical criteria of the mechanism. Once achieved, we chose to equip all our watches in the MTDelta open heart Collection with these Miyota mechanisms.

The advantage of this watch is that we have made sure to give it a fine and elegant look that mainly appeals to men, however, this watch can also be suitable for women's wrists. To date, we can tell you that this watch is a men's watch but also a watch that can be suitable for women.

Miyota mechanism open heart watch for men

The ideal watch complication?

Buying a watch or watch complication?


 For many enthusiasts, the question of purchasing a watch with a complication arises and becomes almost a mandatory condition. In our opinion, you should choose the watch that pleases you in every aspect.

It is important to note that a watch with a complication is potentially more likely to break down or need repairs, making it more fragile.

Additionally, when designing a watch with a complication, we often have to revisit our design and compromise on certain visual elements of the watch. This means that finding a watch that has the design you want as well as all the technical complications you dream of can sometimes be incompatible.

However, it is good to know that the MTDelta Open Heart does not have a complication but rather a dial design, which is purely visual. This therefore means that the watch will not have any particular fragility. This watch can therefore meet all of your needs: it is beautiful and fashionable, with a pleasant visual detail that may raise questions about its usefulness, while being as robust as a classic watch.

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