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Concept around watchmaking

Affordable watches

Luxury standards

Concept around watchmaking

A passion that has become trendy

At Maison DuTemps , we embody above all the watchmaking spirit, bringing together a team of enthusiasts driven by a common vision: to offer watches at affordable prices while maintaining luxury standards. On a global scale, watchmaking is now rising to the rank of trend, with watches occupying an increasingly significant place in the wardrobe.

We have always been committed to offering innovative watches. Our creations are distinguished by unique technical or aesthetic details, absent from most other brands. For example, an open heart watch with an octagonal bezel, a rare feature in the world of usually round exposed movement watches.

Our constant objective is to design original watches, perfectly adaptable to all styles, while meeting consumer expectations. Our flagship model, the MTZeta arabic watch, is the perfect illustration of this. It combines elegance and luxury while offering a unique mix of styles on the French and international watch market, thus generating strong demand.

At the house of Maison DuTemps , each new creation is the result of in-depth market monitoring and attentive listening to our customers. We strive to meet the expectations of our collectors by offering watches that meet their needs and aspirations.

Affordable watches

The best value for money

The world of watchmaking is a passion which, over time, becomes more and more expensive, mainly for two reasons:

Firstly, when starting to build a watch collection, we often start with affordable models. However, as our passion grows, we aspire to acquire pieces with different styles, increased precision and ever-changing selection criteria. Naturally, to access better quality watches, you should expect to spend more.

Second, watchmaking is subject to market fluctuations, experiencing inflation as well as changes in material and labor costs. As a result, prices tend to increase inevitably.

Based on this reflection, Maison DuTemps has set itself the objective of offering models in its range of watches capable of meeting all customer expectations. Whether in terms of design, mechanism, choice of dial colors, bracelet, or even technical characteristics such as water resistance.

We hope that a customer who wants to treat themselves to a diving watch does not need to spend thousands of euros to find satisfaction. We want to offer him the opportunity to discover a new dimension of watchmaking, with a watch that gives him pleasure on his wrist, without straining his budget.

Luxury standards

A feeling of luxury watches

What are the arguments that make you succumb to a luxury watch? First of all, there is of course the exceptional quality brought to the product by the manufacture, but that is not all. There is also this deep feeling of belonging to a prestigious brand.

At Maison DuTemps , we strive to recreate this unique purchasing experience, from intuitive navigation on our site to the careful receipt of your precious acquisition. Each step is designed to fully immerse you in the brand's world. In addition, our after-sales service meets your expectations, with a complete guide to assist you in the optimal use of your watch. Maison DuTemps .

Finally, the apotheosis of this experience is undoubtedly receiving your watch and opening it. It is at this moment that you fully realize the exceptional quality of your acquisition and that your choice is fully justified.

We are committed to maintaining competitive prices in order to preserve our price positioning and allow you to acquire a quality watch, even in times of economic difficulties. At the house of Maison DuTemps , we believe that luxury should be accessible to everyone, without compromising on quality.

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