The History of MaisonDuTemps

L'histoire de MaisonDuTemps

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Watchmaking knowledge

Confirmed watchmaking vision

Entrepreneurial spirit

Watchmaking knowledge

In-depth studies in watchmaking

Before diving into the history of MaisonDuTemps , it is important to understand the founder's journey. MaisonDuTemps was created by Hugo Delaleu at the age of 21. Hugo, who has always been passionate about watchmaking, found his way in this field after a traditional school career.

During his studies in watchmaking (CAP as well as a Brevet des Métiers d'Art), Hugo explored all aspects of the watch market, from sales to commercial management, including mechanics and the repair of exceptional watches. . It quickly became clear to him that his ultimate goal was to create his own brand, meeting customer expectations while providing exceptional value for money.

Thanks to his solid knowledge of watchmaking, Hugo was able to make the right choices in the selection of suppliers for MaisonDuTemps and design watches that fully embody his vision of the brand.

Today, at MaisonDuTemps, we are convinced that our watchmaking expertise is the foundation of our success. Our customer testimonials on Trustpilot attest to our commitment to providing watches in line with market trends, designed with high-quality materials, and all at an affordable price. Our after-sales service is there to support our customers every step of the way, and we are committed to processing their orders quickly and efficiently, with free and secure delivery.

Men's watches 42mm White dial

Confirmed watchmaking vision

The vision of MaisonDuTemps

MaisonDuTemps' project was to offer on the French and international watch market not luxury watches, nor high-end watches, but rather pleasure watches. Watches for men as well as watches for women meeting requests for complications (for example: chronograph watch), colors (for example: turquoise / Tiffany dial ), specialties (for example: open heart). The objective was to allow all enthusiasts to treat themselves with watches that they can wear daily without fear, while considering them as fashion accessories.

Our evolution is gradual. Firstly, we expanded our range of watches and accessories in the catalogue. However, faced with the growing number of varied requests, we are now considering offering collections of so-called “capsule” watches in limited editions. These collections will include unusual colors, shapes or sizes in order to meet certain customer requests that we cannot satisfy with our classic catalog.

The evolution of our House is also felt through the expansion of our team and the creation of new divisions. A logistics center is continually improving, a media center offers you varied content on our watches and allows you to better discover our products. Our R&D team is growing to regularly offer you new products.

Miyota Automatic square men's watch

A young brand offering innovative products

Watches at the cutting edge of fashion

MaisonDuTemps watches are mainly modern men's watches, which follow trends, seasons or popular styles. Our goal is to infuse MaisonDuTemps with an identity that will allow our customers to identify with it.

Currently, MaisonDuTemps mainly focuses on men's watches, with 42mm diameter automatic models, skeleton watches and chronographs. However, as a still young and resourceful Maison, we plan to expand our range of women's watches with new designs that are very different from what is currently found on the watch market.

Men's khaki men's steel bracelet watch

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