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Mécanismes automatique pour homme Miyota / Seagull

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The mechanisms of our men's watches

Miyota mechanical mechanism

Seagull mechanical mechanism

Quartz Mechanisms

The mechanisms of our men's watches

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At MaisonDuTemps , we have always sought to offer the best to our customers, and at the best price. The watches in our first collections were equipped with Seagull TY2809 skeleton mechanisms for several reasons. First of all, skeleton mechanisms are rare, and finding one that combines functionality, successful aesthetics and adequate dimensions is not an easy task. Fortunately, the Seagull factory, one of the largest in the world, was able to meet our request.

The Seagull mechanism has proven itself on our MTAlpha collections (catalogue releases) as well as on the MTBeta Skeleton and MTBeta2.0 collections. However, although these Chinese mechanisms have proven their worth, and despite the fact that they are not cheaper than Miyota mechanisms, they still have a bad reputation among some watch enthusiasts. This is why we have decided to now equip our watches with mechanisms from the Japanese manufacturer Miyota.

Today, we want to offer our customers what they want, as long as it meets our quality criteria. For example, we launched an automatic skeleton men's watch model, the MTZeta Skeleton , equipped with a Miyota mechanism. Although the finish of the skeleton is less beautiful at Miyota than at Seagull , the mechanism offered more precise adjustment, which led to our choice in favor of Miyota . This choice satisfied both our customers who already owned a Seagull skeleton watch and new customers looking for a Japanese skeleton model.

Miyota mechanical mechanism

Miyota Automatic Movement

Miyota automatic mechanisms, let's talk about them, because we often hear about them in consumer requirements, but let's find out why.

Miyota mechanisms have this reputation because they have inherited the Japanese requirements from which they come. Whether in their operation, through the durability of the mechanisms, the ease of servicing them, but also in their hyper-precise adjustment.

But we can also talk about their aesthetic. They also inherited a minimalist style with often little detail or finishing for classic mechanisms. However, they have the particularity of offering a hyper-qualitative perceived value. However, we can observe certain more elaborate mechanisms such as the 8N24 skeleton or the 8215 open heart, which offer more elaborate finishes, such as beveling or finishes on the bridges specific to Miyota.

But where does this reputation come from? The reputation of Miyota mechanisms comes from several different factors which are all reliable.

Firstly, for decades we have observed the rise of certain Japanese watch brands at affordable prices, such as Seiko, Citizen and Orient. These brands have managed to prove the quality of Japanese watchmaking through several different mechanisms.

We have also witnessed the rise of certain luxury brands such as Grand Seiko, offering watchmaking quality comparable to that of the largest Swiss houses.

This is why, at Maison DuTemps , we have now chosen to equip our watches with Japanese mechanisms, to meet the demands of our customers and at the same time to show our move upmarket, in order to offer watches of exceptional quality to a unbeatable price.

Miyota Skeleton automatic mechanism

Seagull mechanical mechanism

Seagull Movement

Maison DuTemps and the Skeleton Seagull automatic mechanisms, a story that tastes like victory. Indeed, as explained previously, we chose to equip our first collections with a Seagull skeleton automatic mechanism because it met our specifications in all respects, such as: aesthetic finish, adjustment, power reserve and above all the opinion of customers who were satisfied.


Seagull , having the reputation of the largest watch mechanism manufacturer in the world with hundreds of thousands of mechanisms produced per year. Obviously, they do not exclusively produce mechanical mechanisms, but also a lot of Quartz mechanisms.


Regardless, Seagull holds an important place in watchmaking. Although its reputation is sometimes tainted by the fact that it is a Chinese manufacturer, Seagull has made a lot of progress in the design of their watches.


We can see many brands equipping their mechanical watches, or even chrono watches equipped with Seagull mechanisms, such as Pierre Lanier, Seagull 1963, Beijingwatches…


Despite numerous developments on their part, and above all proposals for quality mechanisms, MaisonDuTemps now aims to produce watches according to the requests and needs of our customers. So, we will now put aside Miyota mechanisms for our new creations, unless they offer in their range the perfect product that we are looking to integrate into our watches.

Seagull skeleton man automatic mechanism

Quartz Mechanisms

Miyota Quartz Movement

Watchmaking is a passion that can appeal to all audiences, meet all requests, all needs and fortunately, all budgets. It is for all the reasons stated above that there are watches with Quartz mechanisms.


Quartz can be the enemy of some fans of automatic mechanisms who judge quartz to be low-end, uninteresting, or for other reasons of their own. However, at Maison DuTemps , we firmly believe that Quartz is a safe bet, which is why quartz had a good time in the 80s , when all the manufacturers wanted to move from automatic watches to quartz watches. . For example: Rolex with their sublime Oyster quartz or even Audemars Piguet with their Royal Oak Quartz.


We know it and are the first to say it, quartz is the most reliable mechanism in the world with only a few seconds of delay per year, a power reserve of several years (depending on the battery and the mechanism) and for Finally, it is a robust mechanism, which does not magnetize and which has little risk of seeing an axis or pivot broken.


Since quartz mechanisms are very thin, this allows us to create thinner, smaller watches. Quartz also offers us access to many technical complications, in fact, it is easy and inexpensive to add a complication to a quartz mechanism, such as a chronograph, a moon phase or even a date complication. Thanks to these very low cost mechanisms, we have the possibility of offering these products in our range to allow young enthusiasts or enthusiasts who do not have an infinite budget to allocate to the purchase of a watch, the possibility to buy a watch with complication at an affordable price.


At Maison DuTemps , for our quartz watches, we have chosen to once again trust the Miyota manufacture to equip our watches. To date, we only have two Quartz collections, the MTGamma collection and the MTGamma Chronograph collection.

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